What Is ‘Moral Monday’?


What Is ‘Moral Monday’?, More than 40 people were arrested in Atlanta on Tuesday as the progressive Moral Monday movement expanded deeper into the hostile territory of the South. Protesters were charged with engaging in a loud protest at the Capitol, a misdemeanor under state law, after rallying against Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal’s refusal to expand Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act.

Georgia’s Moral Mondays mirror the movement that started last year in North Carolina after a series of restrictive measures in that state, including cuts to unemployment benefits and a bizarre bill in which motorcycle safety and anti-abortion measures were pieced together, were pushed by a Republican-led legislature.

While this week’s Moral Monday was forced by a St. Patrick’s Day legislative closure to be Moral Tuesday, there have been protests at the Georgia state Capitol since January, Herbert Buchsbaum at The New York Times reports. The paper calls Moral Mondays a “budding liberal movement” in a part of the country where the many focuses of the liberal cause, including public education and voting rights, have been hit particularly hard. Medicaid expansion is the main issue in Georgia and South Carolina, where federal funds to pay for the program have been turned down by both states. In South Carolina, the movement goes by Truthful Tuesday .

Instead of being just a liberal novelty and, at worst, a fringe movement, protesters hope to translate their persistent campaign into meaningful politics in a region dominated by conservatism. Employing an almost-aggressively Southern metaphor, Buchsbaum calls the entrenched Republican control of government in the South, “as solid as cold grits,” adding that for Democrats, mere survival trumps influence.


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