Wash. Mudslide Death Toll Continues To Rise


Wash. Mudslide Death Toll Continues To Rise, Two more bodies were recovered Tuesday after a massive mudslide last weekend near Seattle, raising the confirmed death total to 16, authorities said Tuesday night.

Eight more bodies were believed to have been found but hadn’t been recovered, Snohomish County District Fire Chief Travis Hots told reporters Tuesday night.

Adding to the somber atmosphere was that “we didn’t find any signs of life,” Hots said. “We didn’t locate anybody alive.”

Officials had said earlier Tuesday that they expected the death toll to rise.

Authorities are reviewing almost 200 reports of missing people, but many of them were thought to be unfounded or duplicates.

“We haven’t lost hope that we could find somebody alive in some pocket area,” Hots said, but “we are coming to the realization that that may not be a possibility.

“But we are going full speed ahead,” he said.


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