Nevada Cattle


Nevada Cattle, Two people reported being hurt in a confrontation Wednesday between law enforcement officials and a group of protesters fighting to stop federal agents from confiscating a southern Nevada rancher’s cattle.

In an incident caught on camera by several of the demonstrators, one man was hit with a Taser multiple times, and another woman said she was tossed to the ground. Several dozen demonstrators had confronted law enforcement officers with the Bureau of Land Management on land that the government has closed while it rounds up cattle that belonged to 68-year-old Cliven Bundy.

In video captured by some of the protesters, armed personnel can be seen shouting at members of the crowd to stay back. The protesters shout back, telling the agents to leave and asking to talk to a supervisor. Some attempted to stand in front of federal vehicles.

“One of the BLM officers grabbed me from behind and just threw me down. I couldn’t believe it,” said Margaret Houston, the rancher’s sister.

Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy, said officers fired a Taser at him three times, hitting him twice.

“I never once, never once did anything to threaten them. I didn’t close my fist. I didn’t do anything to threaten,” he said.,” Ammon Bundy said afterward.


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